Home School Agreement

Our home school agreement is a document that we ask all parents and children to sign at the start of their time with us asking them to agree to certain rules made by the school and to support each other during the child's time here at Hillstone Primary. 

We are determined to create an inclusive culture of learning where all children will be challenged in their thinking, to achieve to the best of their abilities and strive to become lifelong learners.

We will empower our children to become respected citizens to enable them to make valuable contributions locally, globally and to contribute to our world’s sustainable future.

This can be done most effectively when all staff, parents and children understand their responsibilities and work together towards the same goals, as detailed in our home/school agreement.

Parental Behaviour Policy


As a pupil of the school I shall:
•  be friendly and polite to everyone in school
•  move about the school in a sensible and considerate manner
•  show respect for other people and their property
•  try to be proud of myself and my school
•  try to do my best at all times



Our family will:
• send our child to school on time and properly equipped
• let  the school know about any concerns or problems that affect our child's work or behaviour
• aim to attend regular consultation/information meetings arranged by the school
• aim to support our child's learning at home and school
• encourage our child to do his/her best at all times
• encourage our child to take care of his/her surroundings and others around them
• make sure our child arrives at school on time and aims for at least 96% attendance
• refrain from using mobile phones in the school building or grounds.
• not use mobile phones to take photographs in the school building or grounds except for at authorised events.
 Signed ...................................... (parent)


As a school we shall:
• keep families informed about school events through  regular  letters home
• let  parents  know about any concerns or problems that  affect  their child's work or behaviour
• inform parents of their child's progress at regular meetings and re­ports
• inform parents about what our teachers aim to teach their children each term
• encourage communication between parents and staff
• encourage parental support in all aspects of school life
• encourage our pupils to do their best at all times
• encourage our pupils to take care of their surroundings and others around them

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