adopt a governor

It's very important to us, as governors, that we know and understand children's view of school - what they enjoy, if they feel safe and if there's anything they would like to improve. The 'adopt a governor' initiative enables each key stage to have their own governor to share their learning experiences with. Feedback from governor visits is always positive; children and staff take great pride in their work and their enthusiasm and love for learning is infectious!

The following governors have been 'adopted' for the academic year 2020 - 2021

6K Sarah Kinsman Tracey Flood
6B Danielle Bridges Gemma Gibbon
5K Richard Krasnopolski Callum Dunlevy
5U Ilyas Uddin Lisa Green
4A Nikita Auriga Danielle Bridges
4F Charlotte Furlong Jason King
3T Bethany Cain-Wildman /
Jess Thornton
Martin Leigh
3B Joe Bennett Kelly Williams
2DS Hayley Sheehan /
Alison Driver
Chris Smith
2L Rosie Langford Kevin McCabe
1T Alice King Heather Holdsworth
1Y Amy Young Samantha Robinson
RN Courtney Norton *New Governor
RM Rosie Millns *New Governor

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