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Year 5

        Teachers: Miss Bridges (5B), Miss Paget (5P)
Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Hewston

our topic is: That's life!

This term our new topic is called ‘That’s Life’. The children will learn about the different systems of the body, including: digestion, respiration, circulation, the skeleton, the nervous system and reproduction. There will be a separate letter sent with information about what we will be covering, with regards to reproduction.


In English, we will be focusing on writing explanation texts, poetry and narrative writing with the children, producing interactive resources that explain the different functions of the body, as well as creating and being the author and illustrator of their own book.


In maths, we will be focusing on geometry, which will include area and perimeter, shape and space and position and direction. We will also be learning about measures. Any additional help you can give your child would be very beneficial to their learning in these areas.

PE / Swimming: Class 5B

5B will be doing PE on a Wednesday and will be going swimming on a Friday. Please could you ensure that your child has their PE kit and swimming kit with them on these days. It would be extremely useful if the children could bring in a pair of gym pumps and a pair of trainers. During the cold weather please provide warm clothing for lessons outside.

PE: Class 5P

5P will be doing PE on Monday and Friday. Please could you ensure that your child has their PE kit with them on these days. During the cold weather please provide warm clothing for lessons outside.

Learning Diaries and Keeping in Touch

Thank you for your continued support and communication using the learning diaries. If there is anything you would like to speak to the teachers about, please feel free to come and see us or communicate through the diaries.

Your child will be expected to be heard reading (by an adult or an older sibling) at least 3 times a week, but it would be great if they could read even more than this. When your child has read a section in their book, it would be very useful to ask questions to gauge an understanding of the text. Once you have had these conversations, please make sure you comment and sign the homework diaries. This also means that they are in with the chance of winning a prize from the reading fairy, who is always very excited and loves it when the children have been reading at home! 


This term, our homework will be linked to our topic ‘That’s Life’ using the creative grids. This is where the children get to choose homework based on their interests and what they enjoy doing. Last term, we had some absolutely fantastic homework projects that wowed all of the teachers and we can’t wait to see what you produce this term!

In preparation for Year 6 and beyond, we would also like the children to complete this additional homework:

• Spelling investigation using the A+spellings app on their iPads.
• Times table Rock Stars (children should know all times tables by end of Year 4).
• Maths (support material from lessons). 

Supporting your child at home

*Listen to them read regularly
*Go on Times Table Rock Stars
*Download educational apps
Why not visit the Think Tank and explore the human body interactive exhibition. Alternatively, you could conduct an investigation into DNA, heart rate, finger prints or the senses. Also, you could research the body on the Internet. Kids Health

Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality is essential to help your child achieve the best they possibly can.
Every week the attendance cup is awarded to the class with the best attendance – hopefully our class can win the cup lots of times this coming term!
We will also be awarded points in the Punctuality League. Let’s see if we can beat last year’s score.   


Children can achieve reward stamps for trying hard with their work! Every time they collect 50 stamps, they are awarded with a certificate.


We aim to teach the children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, our fantastic chef provides a range of healthy snacks. Please pay £2.00 per week to the class teacher if you would like your child to receive a snack and drink.

Uniform and Jewellery:

Please ensure children wear the correct school uniform, including black shoes and plain socks. Jewellery must not be worn. Please label all items so that they can be easily reacquainted with children if they are mislaid.

Dates for your diary

Thursday 26th April – Flee drama workshop
Monday 7th April – Bank Holiday Monday
Tuesday 22nd May – 5B Class Assembly
Friday 25th May – Half Term 

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