Year 3

Teachers : Miss Thornton (3T), Mr Campbell / Mr Bennett (3B)
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wall

our topic is:  forces!

The Curriculum- This half term we will be widening our scientific knowledge learning all about different forces. The three main forces we will focus on will be magnetism, friction and pushes and pulls. The children will have lots of opportunities to engage in practical experiments and discover all about the amazing ways forces work around us.


In English the children will be writing a variety of different texts that will be based around our end of topic forces magic show. We will be writing instructions, letters, posters and leaflets to inform people about our fabulous learning.


In year 3 your child will develop their key mathematical skills through the maths no problem scheme. We will be exploring time, length, width and shape this half term.

PE: Class 3T

3T will be doing PE on Tuesday and Friday. Please could you ensure that you child has their PE kit with them on these days.

PE: Class 3B

3B will be doing PE on Tuesday and Friday. Please could you ensure that you child has their PE kit with them on these days. Our Friday P.E lesson will be swimming so for this pupils need to have a swimming kit. This should consist of a towel and appropriate swim wear (costume/trunks).

Learning Diaries and Keeping in Touch

Your child will be expected to still record their homework, spellings and reading in their diary. This is a fantastic resource for the children to use, but also key for parent and teacher communication. Please continue to read with your child, at least 3 times per week and record this in their diary with further comments.


We will be continuing with our homework system throughout the autumn term. The homework is based around the current topic ‘Hola’! and there are a number of different activities that the children can chose to do. They can chose activities depending on their interest and what they enjoy doing. Please ensure your child completes one piece of homework from the grid, every week. Children should also complete challenges on ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ at home too.

Supporting your child at home

*Listen to them read regularly
*Go on Times Table Rock Stars
*Download educational apps
*Check and learn key words

*Tell them some fantastic force facts!
*Design your own force experiment.
*Make your own magnetic compass! 

Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality is essential to help your child achieve the best they possibly can.
Every week the attendance cup is awarded to the class with the best attendance – hopefully our class can win the cup lots of times this coming term!
We will also be awarded points in the Punctuality League. Let’s see if we can beat last year’s score.   


Children can achieve reward stamps for trying hard with their work! Every time they collect 50 stamps, they are awarded with a certificate.

Uniform and Jewellery:

Please ensure children wear the correct school uniform, including black shoes and plain socks. Jewellery must not be worn. Please label all items so that they can be easily reacquainted with children if they are mislaid. This includes the inside of coats, shoes, hats, gloves and scarves.


We aim to teach the children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, our fantastic chef provides a range of healthy snacks. Please pay £2.00 per week to the class teacher if you would like your child to receive a snack and drink.

school meals

We are committed to providing excellent food that is healthy, tasty, nutritionally balanced and is presented in an attractive way that the children will enjoy.A School Dinner is £2.10 per day

Dates for your diary

Monday 20th May- Wednesday 22nd May 3T Willseley residential.
Wednesday 22nd May – Friday 24th May 3B Willseley residential. 

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