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Year 1

Teachers : Miss Thornton (1T), Mrs Austin (1A)
Teaching Assistants: Ms Perks, Mrs Evans 

our animal friends

Life processes, humans and animals

  During this half term’s topic, we will be developing our science understanding through learning about animals.

This will include naming, describing and comparing a range of farm animals.
We will be visiting Southfields Farm in Coleshill, which will allow the children to experience life on a real working farm.

Southfields Farm is our Food For Life link farm with which we will have a regular programme of visits, allowing the children to explore natural cycles of farm life.  


extending the learning journey

Why not try and see if you can visit a farm with your child?
Sheldon Country Farm is free to visit!

Sharing a variety of non-fiction information books with your child about animals will help them within this topic.

Maths and English websites:

Homework Grids

Supporting Learning Activities

exciting events

We are so excited for our trip to see Farmer John at Southfields farm!
Look out for our photos on our school’s twitter page.
We will be completing work to help him on his farm.

Why not visit the farm again with your child?
Farmer John loves visitors and his animals are very friendly! 

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