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Teachers: Miss R. Langford (RL), Miss R. Millns (RM)
Teaching assistants: Ms M. Best, Mrs C. Lyddiatt

day & night

Nocturnal anmals

In this topic the children will be finding out about different nocturnal animals found in the UK and also from around the world. Hiding in our
Reception class will be a
nocturnal animal who will need our help!

We will be looking at road safety and caring for our environment.

Our Christmas celebrations will also look at what we do during the day and night

personal social and emotional

Supporting your child

  We will be:
Talking about different feelings.
Thinking about our own behaviour and the behaviour of others.

You can help at home by....
Talking to them about how different characters in stories and films are feeling. 

communication and language

Supporting learning

We will be:
Listening to and talking about information books about nocturnal animals.
Joining in with our Christmas play songs.
Using our new words in the role play area.

You can help at home by....
Asking them to tell you what they know about nocturnal animals. 


Safe at night

We will be:
Learning how to be safe at night on the road.
Completing lots of fine motor activities
including; threading, sewing, making hedgehogs using play dough and match sticks.
Holding pencils and crayons correctly and working on forming our letters correctly.

You can help at home by....
Encouraging your children to hold their pencil correctly and write letter sounds at home. 


Supporting your child

  We will be:
Using books to find out information.
Writing words using the sounds we know.
Writing labels.
Talking about rhyme.

You can help at home by....
Asking your child to draw pictures of nocturnal animals and label them. Write words such as cat, bat etc. Sing nursery rhymes together 


Supporting learning

We will be:
Counting up to 20 objects.
Recognising numbers up to 20.
Comparing things by size and using words to describe them e.g. tall, taller, tallest.
Comparing things by weight and talking about if things are heavy or light.

You can help at home by....
Encouraging your child to count EVERYTHING! Asking your child to read the numbers on an advent calendar. Helping them to collect leaves, conkers, cones and compare their size.
Encouraging them to help in the kitchen
weighing ingredients. 

learning beyond school

Websites and Apps

Here are some useful websites that you could use to help your child at home:
Your child will begin learning to read through the Read Write Inc. programme. The following website contains information and some useful videos to help support your child in their learning-   


Supporting your child

  Reception Christmas play

Nocturnal animal visit

Christmas Fayre

Golden Adventure  


Online learning journal

Your child’s online learning journal is there for you to look at, comment on and add to.

If you have not yet signed up then please see your child’s class teacher. 

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