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Teachers: Miss Newman
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Morris and Miss Hodgkinson

helping hands

People that help us

This term we will be looking at people who help us and the jobs they do, for example fire-fighters, doctors, police, vets etc.

In addition we will be encouraging children to read and write their names, recognise words in the world around them, and recognise numbers. 


We will be:

* Building up role-play with our friends e.g. acting out being fire-fighters.
* Becoming aware of our own feelings.
* Starting to understand that some actions and words can upset others.

You can help at home by....
Talking to your child about how they are feeling at different times; talking to them about how their actions can make others feel.


We will be:

* Joining in with phrases in rhymes and stories.

You can help at home by....
Singing rhymes with your child and encouraging them to join in or sing on their own. 

physical development

We will be:

Copying letters from our name.
Talking about what happens to our bodies when we are exercising.

You can help at home by....
Encouraging your child to write their name, copying the letters sent home on their name card. 


We will be:

Recognising rhyme is stories and songs.
Reading their own name.
‘Reading’ signs and logos e.g.

You can help at home by....
Singing rhymes with your child; playing rhyming games such as I-spy with rhyming words; helping them to recognise their name; pointing out signs around your home and encouraging your child to ‘read’ them. 


We will be:

Recognising numbers to 5 and then 10.
Using our fingers to show how many.
Matching numbers to the correct number of objects.
Looking for shapes in the world around us.

You can help at home by....
Helping your child to recognise numbers;
asking your child to show a given number of fingers; encouraging your child to look for shapes in the world round them e.g. The shape of a window or clock. 

Teachers: Miss Newman and Mrs Driver 
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Forrest and Miss Hodgkinson

learning beyond school

Websites and Apps

dates to remember


Friday 9th February
Theatre trip to see ‘Penguins’

Monday/Tuesday 12th/13th February
Individual photos

Friday 16th February
Nursery CLOSED


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