Teachers: Miss Newman and Mrs Driver 
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Forrest and Miss Hodgkinson

The Great Outdoors

Woodland Creatures

Harry the Hedgehog is lost! And it’s our job to find his home and his friends.

This term the children will be finding out about woodland creatures and where they live. The children will be visiting the woods near to the Brighouse on our trip this term, to see first hand a woodland environment.

We will be focusing on understanding rhyme, re-telling stories and counting beyond 10.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We will be:
Encouraging the children to take into account what others are saying during conversations.

You can help at home by....
Encouraging your child to stay on topic when you are chatting; ask them to listen carefully to what others are saying; praise them for good listening. 


Small Tasks

Communication and Language
We will be:
Asking ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions.
Encouraging children to use language to act out stories they know.

You can help at home by....
Asking ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions and modelling the correct response if they get stuck; use new and interesting words when you are talking to your child. 

Physical Development
We will be:
Practising throwing and catching with
greater accuracy.
Working on writing letters correctly.

You can help at home by....
Throwing and catching balls, pairs of socks, packets of crisps with your child; helping your child to write their name forming all of the letters correctly. 


We will be:

We will be:
Working on continuing a rhyming string e.g. If given ‘cat’ then children can say ‘mat’,
‘bat’ or ‘sat’.
Identifying the first sounds in words e.g. ‘h’ in hedgehog, ‘w’ in woods, ‘s’ in squirrel.

You can help at home by....
Pointing out rhyming words in stories and asking your child if they can think of another words that rhymes; playing I-spy.

We will be:
Recognising number to 5 then beyond.
Using words such as ‘fewer’ and ‘more’ to compare groups of objects.
Saying number name in order up to 20 and beyond.

You can help at home by....
Pointing out numbers on buses, doors and everywhere around you; asking your child to compare piles of toys and say which has more/fewer; starting to count to 20 and beyond. 

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