Teachers: Ms Angliss
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Morris and Miss Hodgkinson


Hi, my name is Miss Angliss, and I am very excited to be joining the Nursery team at Hillstone Primary School. I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher, and I’m looking forward to a year of fun, learning and adventure!

our topic is: Celebrations

Our main topic for this half term is all about exploring different Celebrations held at this time of year. This half term includes some special days that we will investigate and celebrate, for example, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Birthdays, Eid, Advent and Christmas. Contributions of photos or notes from family celebrations of these or any special events are welcome on Tapestry.
We love seeing what your child is doing at home. 


It would be brilliant if you could share as many learning experiences with your child as possible, based on what we are learning about in class. If you do this, we would love to see what you have been doing on Tapestry. You can log onto Tapestry and upload pictures and write a summary of what you have been doing. This will then be added to your child’s online learning journal.

Prime Areas of Development:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

We will be:
* Beginning to understand that some words and actions
can upset our friends.
* Enjoying carrying out jobs. 

You can help at home by:

Explaining when their words/actions have upset friends/siblings; giving your child responsibilities at home e.g. put away their own toys, help to clear the table

Communication and Language: 

We will be:
* Using sentences with ‘and’ or ‘because’.
* Talking about celebrations they have joined in with.
* Beginning to ask ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ questions. 

You can help at home by:

Encouraging your child to speak in longer sentences, including ‘and’ or ‘because’; talking to your child about parties they have been to.

Physical Development: 

We will be:
* Practising using scissors and knowing they need to be used safely.
* Standing on one foot.
* Taking off and putting on their own coat, socks, shoes and wellies on. 

You can help at home by:

Encouraging your child to balance on one foot.
Allowing them to practise cutting with scissors.
Encouraging your child to independently put on their own coats, socks and shoes.

Specific Areas of Development:


We will be:
* Making sure we hold books the right way up when we look
at them and turn the pages carefully.
* Suggesting how stories might end.
* Looking at the words and pictures in books and around our classroom.
* Encouraging the children to give clear meanings to their marks when they draw and paint 

You can help at home by:

Encouraging your child to pick up books
and turn the pages; ask them how they think stories are going to end; point out words around you.
Encouraging your child to mark-make and talk to them about what they are doing.
Discuss their pictures with interest. 


We will be:
*Comparing two groups of objects and saying when they are the same.
* Talking about shapes they can see around them.
* Recognising numerals 1-5. 

You can help at home by:

Giving your child a few spoons and forks
and asking them if they have the same amount.
Look for shapes when walking outside, in books and point out ones you see on the television.
Look at numbers on front doors and buses. 

Don’t forget to share these activities with us on Tapestry!

Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality is essential to help your child achieve the best they possibly can.
We will close our door at 8.35am for the morning session and 12.35pm for the afternoon session.

If your child arrives after the door is closed they must be taken up to the office to be registered and a teacher will come to collect your child. .
If for any reason your child cannot attend a session (e.g. illness, family circumstances) please telephone the office to let them know.
If you know in advance (e.g. medical appointments) please let the class teacher know as soon as you can.

Tapestry online learning journal

We love seeing what your child is doing at home on Tapestry.


We aim to teach the children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, our fantastic chef provides a range of healthy snacks. Please pay £1.00 (part-time) or £1.50 (full-time) per week to the class teacher if you would like your child to receive a snack and milk.

Uniform and Jewellery:

Please ensure children wear the correct school uniform, including black shoes and plain socks. Jewellery must not be worn. Please label all items so that they can be easily reacquainted with children if they are mislaid. This includes the inside of coats, shoes, hats, gloves and scarves.

Dates for your diary

Friday 7th December: Christmas Fair
Wednesday 12th December: Nursery Nativity AM/PM
Friday 21st December: Carols around the tree 

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