Class Teacher and Yellow Group Key Worker: Miss Hindley
Red Group Key Worker: Mrs Walsh / Purple Group Key Worker: Mrs Parr
Blue Group Key Worker: Miss Queenan / Green Group Key Worker: Mrs Lay 

our topic is: magic carpet

Our topic is all about popular culture. We will be travelling on our ‘magic carpet’ each week to visit a new favourite character and focussing all of our activities on that character. The characters we will be exploring are Peppa Pig, Charlie and Lola, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, Topsy and Tim, PJ Masks/Paw Patrol and Disney.
We have included some of the things we will be focusing on this term and have given you ideas about how you can help at home. Please do feel free to come and talk to us if you would like more information.
Please share your learning from home on Tapestry. We love to see what you get up to and the children love to share it with their friends. If you have any problems, please speak to the class teacher. 


It would be brilliant if you could share as many learning experiences with your child as possible, based on what we are learning about in class. If you do this, we would love to see what you have been doing on Tapestry. You can log onto Tapestry and upload pictures and write a summary of what you have been doing. This will then be added to your child’s online learning journal.

Prime Areas of Development:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

.Making ‘important’ friendships with other children
The children will be exploring friendships.
We will be talking about who their friends are at school and outside of school, and what makes a good friend.

You can help at home by:

* Talking to them about their friends at school. Maybe try inviting friends over to play with your child.

Communication and Language: 

Understanding the use of objects
The children will be learning about what we use different objects for, e.g. “What do we use for cutting?” We will be exploring different answers to the questions, e.g. knife, scissors.

You can help at home by:

*Talking about what different objects are used for. Encourage your child to ask questions about the use of objects.

Physical Development: 

.Holding a pencil using their thumb and two fingers (tripod grip)
We will continue to explore using an appropriate pencil grip. We use a “monster grip” in order to hold the pencil properly, using two fingers and a thumb.

You can help at home by:

*Encouraging your child to hold a pencil to explore making marks. Remind them to use their “Monster Grip”.

Specific Areas of Development:


.Giving meanings to the marks we make as we draw and paint
The children will be exploring making a variety of marks and we will be encouraging them to give meanings to their marks and to make marks purposefully. 

You can help at home by:

*Ask your child what they are drawing in a picture. Encourage plenty of mark making and exploring.


 Showing an interest in shape by sustained construction activity or by talking about shapes or arrangements.
The children will be exploring shapes by making pictures, models and arrangements with shapes and blocks. We will be talking about the shapes that they are using.  

You can help at home by:

*Talking about different shapes. See if your child can name some basic 2D shapes, e.g. circle, rectangle, square, triangle.

Don’t forget to share these activities with us on Tapestry!

Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality is essential to help your child achieve the best they possibly can.
We will close our door at 8.45am for the morning session and 12.45pm for the afternoon session.If you arrive after this, please go to the main office to register and a teacher will come to collect your child. If for any reason your child cannot attend, please telephone the office to let us know. 

Tapestry online learning journal

We love seeing what your child is doing at home on Tapestry.


We aim to teach the children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, our fantastic chef provides a range of healthy snacks. From Monday 23rd April, children in Kindergarten will not be charged for snack.

Uniform and Jewellery:

Please ensure children wear the correct school uniform, including black shoes and plain socks. Jewellery must not be worn. Please label all items so that they can be easily reacquainted with children if they are mislaid. This includes the inside of coats, shoes, hats, gloves and scarves.

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 19th June: Music For A Summer’s Evening Concert
Thursday 21st June: Kindergarten INSPIRE (Forest Explorers!)
Friday 22nd June: Summer Fayre
Friday 29th June: Induction Day for New Children (Kindergarten Closed)
Wednesday 4th July: Farmer’s Market
Friday 6th July: Kindergarten and Nursery Trip to Wonderland
Wednesday 11th July: School Reports Out
Thursday 12th July: Parent’s Evening

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