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Class Teacher and Yellow Group Key Worker: Miss Hindley
Red Group Key Worker: Mrs Walsh / Purple Group Key Worker: Mrs Parr
Blue Group Key Worker: Miss Queenan / Green Group Key Worker: Mrs Lay 

Ready, Teddy, Go!

Bears, Bears and More Bears! 

  Our topic for the next half term is:   
‘Ready, Teddy, Go!’ 

We will be talking about bears, which will include:   
· Singing songs about bears
· Reading stories about bears
· Looking at different kinds of bears
· Talking about our favourite  teddy bears.       

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be

Encouraging the children to begin to seek out other children in their play, e.g. notice that they want to play a game which requires another person, so inviting them to play.

You can help at home by....
Talking to them about their friends at school. Encourage them to talk about who they play with and who their friends are. 

Communication and language

We will be

Reading key stories with the children each week. During the week we expect that their knowledge and understanding of the story will increase and they will begin to use words and phrases from the story.

You can help at home by....
Continuing to read regularly (find time for a story every day) with your child and talk about the story you have read. 

Physical development

We will be

Beginning to explore a more structured physical play session every week. This will improve the children’s gross motor (big!) physical skills.

You can help at home by....
Encouraging your child to explore large scale physical experiences, e.g. kicking a ball in the park, climbing up the ladder on a slide, accessing soft play. 


We will be

  Regularly singing nursery rhymes and simple songs and encouraging the children to join in, especially with the actions. Songs such as: · Twinkle Twinkle Little Star · Baa Baa Black Sheep · Dingle Dangle Scarecrow · Sleeping Bunnies · Put Your Coat On · 5 Currant Buns   You can help at home by....  Talking about and encouraging your child to sing the songs they enjoy in          Kindergarten.      


We will be

Exploring categorising objects based on properties such as shape, colour or size, e.g. all the red teddies together, all the big crayons together, all the circle cakes together.

You can help at home by…
Talking about what makes objects different. Try getting them to help to organise the shopping, e.g. all the fruit in the basket, all the tins in the cupboard, all the meat in the fridge. 


We will be

  Free websites to support your child’s learning:

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Thursday 16th November: INSPIRE PM

Friday 17th November: INSPIRE AM

Friday 8th December: Christmas Fayre

Monday 18th December: Kindergarten Christmas Performance
Friday 22nd December: Last Day Of Term 


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