Manager: Tara Delaney
Teaching Assistants: Michelle Walsh - SEN support - Amanda Queenan - Michele Lay - Donna Morris - Rhea Parr - Sue Hobday - Maxine Burns

rhyme time

We will be

 In this topic we will be singing number rhymes. We will be using lots of number language through song, encouraging the children to represent numbers using their fingers and counting objects.

Please encourage your child to talk about the activities they have been doing in each school day. You can also support your child by reading stories and singing number songs,
emphasising the amount that is added or taken away in the song.
The songs that we will be singing are:
5 little Men in a flying sauce
5 little Ducks
5 Fat Sausages
10 In the Bed 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be

Encouraging the children to give comfort to their friends if they become upset; expressing what makes them happy or sad.

Encouraging positive behaviour at home by letting the children know that it make you very happy. Encouraging them to talk about their feelings. 

Communication and language

We will be

Listening to different familiar sounds, such as a door knocking or the sound of an aeroplane flying past.

listening to sounds in the environment and encouraging your child to guess what it is.? e.g a bird singing

Physical development

We will be

Supporting your child to be more independent in their self-care, encouraging them to communicate their needs for the toilet or potty.

Putting pull-ups on your child and encouraging them to use the toilet or potty for their toileting needs. 

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