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Our school council is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.

At Hillstone Primary we have a special group of children who are called school councillors. Every year children decide if they would like to run for the position of school councillor, and give a short presentation to their class mates. Then we have a polling day where we all vote for the boy and girl that we would like to represent our class. 

Once you have been elected school councillors attend important meetings to decide what changes the children would like to happen in our school. We decide the best way to spend our fundraising! We listen to or classmates ideas and share them with the grown-ups in the school.

hillstone stars

Our Hillstone Stars assembly was good, but now it's even better.
We have changed our Hillstone Stars to an afternoon tea, where our Hillstone Stars will show their work to not only the other Hillstone Stars but also the Head Teacher, The Deputy Head or even both. The hard workers will also receive a Special Folder to put their work in.
Lastly their names will be called out across the school speakers so they can receive their reward. We changed the assembly because we realised that they were taking a long time which made the children restless, bored and talkative.
So we believe our new way will be more exciting for the Hillstone Stars and better for everyone's learning.

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The minutes of each meeting will be available here soon.
We all enjoy being Councillors at Hillstone Primary School and feel that we make a big difference to the way our school is run.

Pupil Voice

Pupils elected the choice and use of our school tie, have a greater say in matters that affect their school and wider lives. 


New year, new members.
New council members can be found below...

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School Council Message

We all love our School Council at Hillstone, as everyone gets a chance to speak and share their opinions. Furthermore the Governors are very supportive of the School council, by listening to our ideas. Everyone takes part in a job which helps improve the school in many different ways. Every Tuesday in the middle of assembly a boy and a girl from each class has a meeting with the Head of the School Council (Miss Kinsman) to make Hillstone a better place.

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