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School Allotment

 A school allotment is in essence very similar to an adult’s one, but just on a smaller scale. Children are fascinated by the process of how things grow and are even more excited by being able to share and taste what they have harvested – which is why allotment gardening is perfect for curious minds and mouths.
We were also extremely proud to receive the Making Birmingham Greener and Healthier award for growing in school.

Time in the allotment!

We have been so pleased with our new allotment this Summer. Gardening club, with the help of After School Club, have been working hard to grow, care for and harvest a range of different fruits and vegetables for our chef to cook with. Our harvest this year included potatoes, garlic, radishes and onions. The children loved delivering the food to the kitchen and then eating them the very next day as part of chef’s wonderful recipes. Years 1 and 3 have also grown in the allotment this year as part of their science topics. Year 1’s radishes sold extremely well at the Farmers’ Market.

After school club

have been doing a great job of keeping the weeds at bay. They planted onions, broccoli and garlic back in February and are keen to ensure no weeds ruin their harvest. The potato bed is now ready for a new crop of potatoes too. 

Gardening Club

 The year 3 gardening club will be starting soon with the plan to produce summer salads for our chef to use in his delicious recipes. Look out for some of their produce in chef’s summer menu!

Growing for gold

Our aim with the allotment next year is to support our work as a school with the Food For Life gold award. The children will continue to use this fantastic resource to support their science learning, as well as lifelong skills in growing and gardening. We already have suede, turnips and carrots growing away. Look out for further news as we start growing again in the Spring…

Room for growth

There can be few more rewarding experiences – for either children or adults – than watching the seeds they have sown, sometimes more in hope than expectation, push up through the soil and grow into beautiful flowers or vegetables that they can pick and eat.

What better way can there be to engage children actively in their learning, to support healthy living and sustainable development – and to make learning fun?

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